Thursday, December 23, 2004

SWADES - my kinda film!!

For those unaware, I saw Swades First Day First Show (17th December), just like most other movies I see. But wait! Swades isn't "any other movie"!! Afterall, I had been waiting for it since the FIRST DAY I saw its promo on TV!!

This is a SPECIAL SPECIAL movie! And take my word for it.

I went to see it AGAIN today, right after my VMC class. And believe me, it was WORTH IT!

Anyways, I don't think its made for everyone. Those who don't like it just don't understand it! And those who say its just fine, don't understand it COMPLETELY!

There are SO SO MANY little-little ideas and scenes splattered all around the 3 hour reel time, that everyone just misses on most of the things!

Anyways, since its of no interest to u that which film I like or which I don't, it would be cruel of me to keep u bored with all this chatter! SO I STOP!!

And moving on to some more important things, know what!, yesterday at night, I felt THAT AGAIN!

Its one of those moments of enlightenment when some thought suddenly strikes u, just outa the blue! And its been real PEACE ever since! The whole day of mental turmoil just got solved in those few seconds! I am now more sure of myself, feeling so much better about each n every second that passes by! Lemme assure u, if all of it sounds unreal to you, it only means that u just haven't EXPERIENCED it yet!! Just wait till u do!! Until then keep thinking I'm a mad mad guy.

There is something else too that I think u people are now mature enough to hear!! HA HA HA!!

Guess what, its a POEM !!

Here u are then -

I wrote this for a girl I know ... (tell me if u have any guesses)


Oh! Those eyes that shone

Sometimes it happens, I feel not good
Sometimes it is that I become alone
Sometimes I delve and dive in the past
I remember then those eyes that shone

That day of summer
when she smiled at me
That day all world's
Deserts turned to Sea

We talked as we walked
And I saw the eyes that shone
There on that spot
I knew that I had grown

I could see her setting her hair
and forget the whole world
I could give it all to see again
the way she sat and curled

We had had some Bollywood moments
in those 3 most beautiful days
We had experienced the experience
of our lives, in that maze

And now when I am here
500 kilometres away and alone
I sometimes delve and dive in the past
And remember those eyes that shone

- Anup Bishnoi

I wrote this in 12th.
Post a comment if u like it.



coz u can be PROSECUTED for that!!
Intellectual Property Rights are gaining momentum these days, u know!!

Ahhh, she was the most beautiful girl I ever saw!


  1. don't do this to me!! do not read my earlier posts! nooo!!!

  2. >D
    Too late. Hihihahahahaha.