Sunday, December 19, 2004

Just another day

Nothing much happened today,

- woke up at 10 AM
- kept thinking of sitting for studying but TV Computer duo ensured that I don't
- sachin called, told me tat BITS Pilani was holding Entrance Exams!
- Checked out yesterday's HT to see that he was indeed true, and to my own disgust, it WASN'T for DROPPERS !!! Now, HOW RUDE IS ThAT?
- Anyways, lost a precious amount of time checking the same on Internet
- Finally just got so bored with everything that I actually decided to get down to study. ( 3 PM )
- As expected of me, that was not to be so. I rather went down to play Cricket (after a long long time ! ) and then went to the Library to get the latest INDIA TODAY, got a new mp3 Song CD, reached home and it was already 8:30 (PM ofcourse!)
- Read half of the India Today, TV took away another half an hour, and here I am writing off my whole day.

Just another day, I would say.

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