Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Ya, bad bad Anup!


Its so disturbing now! Its so hard to write anything when u know who all are reading it !!

This blog was supposed to be my personal, and I mean PERSONAL write up, AND I, Anup Bishnoi, TOLD THEM ABOUT IT !!!!!

I didn't really anticipate it to be so difficult actually. I thought that it would be alright if someone (or EVERYONE) reads what all is going on in my mind, BUT NO !!! Its NOT !!!

It would have been OK if anyone had come here just by chance and read abt me. I would've loved that!

But NOT THIS WAY !! I mean, how can I write anything openly abt myself when I know that who's gonna read it and what's there reaction's gonna be !!

I shan't ever forgive myself for this intrusion of my OWN privacy !

Anyways, now that I've already destroyed myself, I think I can stop crying like a baby and get on to business.

OUTLOOK serves more of GOSSIP than resposible NEWS

To the newcomer, Outlook is supposedly a National News Magazine. But rather than being a responsible News Magazine, they rather try to "sensationalize" EACH and EVERY THING they care to write about.

First of all, they're just so unabashedly completely ANTI - BJP and its not so bad after all, but the real problem is that while they keep beating up Vajpayee, they JUST CAN'T spell out a negative word against Sonia Gandhi !!! I mean, it can't be so that Vajpayee is a Devil and Sonia a heavenly Angel, RIGHT !!

While I'm NOT any kind of Pro-BJP (or Anti-CONGRESS either) but it still irks me so much that most of what they write is about BJP alone and all the little there is about Congress, its just always so SO POSITIVE, while the BJP is just a bunch of opportunists, u know !!

Stopping it here (coz I can KEEP ON writing about it for ever and ever) and more importantly, my mom's boiling now coz its 11:00 PM !!

Bye for now

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