Tuesday, November 29, 2005

the point of blogging

i hadnt blogged in a long long time. why? coz i had lost all belief in the whole point of blogging. All this blogging business spread all around this vast electronic expanse of 0 and 1, is basically just about expressing. expressing how u feel at any particular instant or expressing what u WANT others to believe how u feel. But what if i just dont have the words to explain how i feel! Why do all this self introspection just for the sake of someone else reading it!
so i did not blog. for days and months (wat a loss to humanity! :P)

But today i blog. today i felt i got something to blog. i saw some blogs of kgp ppl. really nice and really interesting how the community commenting affair works. so i felt like i could do with some writing today.

now just one wish to ask from god : SOMEONE COME AND READ IT !!!