Friday, June 13, 2008

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Song of her life


She wanted to visit
that world in her dreams.
She wanted to breathe
in that scented air.
She needed a long big
lungful of freedom.
She wanted a hand
to filter through her hair.

She always thought
of a long windy beach.
She dreamed of mermaids
and waves and a moon.
She had bright white wings
in her dreams one and all.
And her flowered fearless dreams
always ended way too soon.

Bu when she woke up,
what she saw,
just wasn't half
what she had seen.
The rowdy world
just seemed so raw
... compared to
where she'd been.

She always tried
to look excited.
Always tried to
beam at people.
But she'd seen
a purer form,
yeah she'd touched
a smoother petal.

She seemed to throw
a gazeless gaze.
She seemed to float
just inches above.
She used to unnerve
approaching guys
and she looked not
made for love.

at so many levels.
She was living
two different lives.
She opened, in one,
her wings with flourish.
In other,
she barely survives.


She did try hard,
yes she did, to keep faith.
She had let open her soul,
to a stranger from this world.
She had let the two worlds merge
she had let him enter hers.
She had loved like none ever did.
She had let her world unfurl.

Those were moments
never forgotten,
but those were
only in her mind.
It was she who
lived alone,
through the love and
later, the grind.

He had, in his
heart of hearts,
never experienced
her dreams.
Hand in hand
they were, yes,
yet present in
different realms.

The hands then
grew apart,
their fingers never
touched again.
For a moment she held
the wet in her palms,
her eyes did rain.

She saw that blank
smile one day,
his hand held
someone's hands again.
He was happy as much
as he knew to be.
She, as much she knew,
bore pain.

She knew
she was wrong to remorse.
She had nothing
on him to blame.
The guilt was
hers to have trusted.
Him and her lover
weren't same.


She grew up
as before,
with her secret
Yes she had
her share of men,
as her womanhood's

She kissed
but never felt,
her heart would
never melt.
She touched
and was touched,
but only
as deep as her pelt.

She loved none,
she hated none.
She wandered
alone in nights.
For the fear of
seeing those dreams
of mountains,
skies and kites.

But then one day,
as it had to happen.
One day
she stumbled and fell.
Fell onto something
that wrenched her heart,
those words
that formed a spell.

She read it
full and through
with eyes
abnormally unblinking.
It was her life,
she'd thought it all before,
she didn't
need to be thinking.

Someone thought just
as she did,
she wasn't
alone it seems.
She searched for the man
who wrote this poem
and talked of the
world of her dreams.