Saturday, December 29, 2007

merry christmas world! u get a firefox extension from me! ho ho ho!

i m santa
and here's ur christmas gift
a brand new caaar! firefox extension!
now browse through google search results right there on the search page itself!
click to download
after downloading, drag the extension (xpi) file into firefox and click Install. then restart firefox and go to
search for something. now every search result has a link Open Inline alongside it.
Click on Open Inline. the page that that search result refers to, will open right there! and browse inside that newly opened page, click links, wander around, do whatever.
when done, close the inline page by clicking Close Inline
or open another search result's page simultaneously!
open close open close open open close open close close blah blah
congratulations, u've browsed through all the information you wanted, from varied sources, all from the same old search page! o blimey!

click to download the extension. Or Right Click here and select Save Link as...

there's even a Greasemonkey script goodie!
simply click here to install the greasemonkey script that does basically the same.

merry christmas!
ho ho ho!

ps - the santa cap's not for sale. period.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

ke ye naina hai kehte
mujhse, tere
man mein rehte
khwaab meri
aarzoo mein karte rehte
justujoo hain

na koi bandishein
na ranjishein
na raste rukavatein hain
aahatein hain
kadmo ki jo
bajti si jo
man mein yun hai

khol bhi do
ye badi jo
aankhein hain na
baatein hain na
karti jaise
darti aise
fir ye kyu hai

bol do gar
jhooth hai sab
bolo magar
kuch mere rab
dekh idhar
bhar rahe ab
ye aansoo hain

jana chale
mil ke gale
khanjar ko
seene tale
rakh bhi lungi
na karungi
aarzoo main

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

मेरा वो गुमशुदा अरमान

के मैं मासूम सा अरमान फिसल जाता हूँ

हाँ मेरा घर है ये इंसान
जो यूं है तो बुद्धिमान पर...
रहता परेशान मेरा
रखता नहीं ध्यान निकल जाता हूँ

इसका दिमाग जाल बड़ा
ढेरों बत्तियों से भरा
ये जले कभी वो कभी अँधेरा हो शैतां
मैं संभल जाता हूँ

मैं नहीं मर जाऊँ कहीं
चाहे ये समझे या नहीं
मेरे बिना मुर्दा है मैं गर हूँ तो इसमें जान
ना समझेगा ये नादां मैं निकल जाता हूँ

यूँ तो ज़िंदगी मुश्किल है के जी पाना भी मंजिल है
मगर खो ना जाना आदतों में रात दिन इबादतों में
सीने में जो दिल है
वो पुकारता मुझे मैं मचल जाता हूँ

के मुझे थाम ले इन्सां
मैं तेरा एक ही अरमान
मुझे पूरा कर दे यूं के
ये दुनिया भी हो हैरान यही चाहता हूँ

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

tagged by mithun

5 random facts about me

- i own a parker

- i like namkeen lassi, instead of the more popular meethi one

- the dola on my left arm is bigger than the right one

- i m growing old

- i m not in love with anything right now

i tag mithun, mangu, navjot

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Little Doll

Sunlight and rays
danced on her face
Engrossed in sleep,
she felt not a trace

Like a little doll,
serene and still
But her eyes, though closed,
seemed to hold a thrill

Her hands clutched too,
in a sense of love
Clutched on a doll
with a little pink glove

She must have woken up,
at least from the sound
Before the house turned
burning gravel on ground

The house used to be taller then,
but now it was the tree.
They say it was in Bombay,
in nineteen ninety three.

Her parents returned
when it was all still and cold
No one remained
alive, they were told

Transfixed yet shattered,
they sat still in emotion
Their eyes giving away
their hearts in commotion

They looked around in debris,
found the doll that never cried
A little doll was safe,
but a little doll had died.

my open iit english creative writing piece :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Words. Appearances.
Polished thoughts on paper. on faces.
Stories with happy endings. Think up a presentable context, and hold it on your face.

Words written as if meant to be read.
Unlike a burst-out, a word vomit.
Muscles in control, like a pen.
Aforethought shapes.
On paper and faces.
A necessary evil? Or the path of least resistance?

Control. On the exterior, the output.
What does 'being normal' really mean?
'Act normal'? Or 'BE normal'?
And what's normal? Who decides?
Does collective thinking work?
Or is it just an appendix?

Guess I know. Can I be sure?
How 'bout you?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

*kuch* poem ...

read somewhere, edited slightly...

Honthon pe mohabbat k fasaane nahi aate,
dil ko rone ke bahane nahi aate,

Palkein bhi chamak uthti hai soti mein hamari,
Aankhon ko abhi khawab chhupane nahi aate,

Dil ujdi hui ek saraaye ki tarha hai,
Ab log yaha raat jagane nahi aate

Yaaron naye mousam ne ye ehsaan kiya hai,
Ab yaad samjhe dard purane nahi aate

Udne do parindo ko abhi shokh hawa mein,
Phir lout k purane zamane nahi aate

Is shehar k badal teri zulfon ki tarha hai,
Ye aag lagate hai bujhane nahi aate....