Friday, July 22, 2005

I'm in IIT !!

hi people !!

First of all, KHARAGPUR IS SO GREEN !!!

everywhere u see
plenty lot of tree
campus is just heaven
oh so happy me!
feel no bad coz
i'm ur window to IIT !!

They're showing movie tommorrow (BLACK) in the Netaji Auditorium. Capacity 1000+, fully AC, Ticket:Rs.10 !. (Timings : 8-11 PM)

u know, its all so HIGH-TECH in here. the roads, classes, hostels, labs, and THE LIBRARY! That book about IIT that i read was definitely written some 20 yrs back!

outside the campus, there's DVC Market, Gole Bazaar (big!), but u hardly need to get out of the campus.

The ONLY problem is girls. NO RATIO i mean!!

my class has more than 60 boys and THREE GIRLS (all so IITish!)

woke up at 6 today (record for last year!), missed the breakfast, and still 10 minutes late for the first class (Physics, 7:30) and to top it all, teacher was NOT THERE! i sat, waited, no teacher, no information, time ticking, dying for some food, and its aready 8:15. next class was to be english at 8:30. i decided that sir won't come now so RAN out of class, to the canteen (1 km), ate something and came back.

enough of diary entry.

u know here's no ragging in 1st year, but in 2nd year! but that too just a little bit. its too strict here for the seniors. poor they! actually even they don't seem to be interested in ragging. all of them so (and i mean SO SO) eager to help anyone !! and ofcourse, they won't even know u r a fresher (that's what we r called, no fuchcha and all) if u don't tell them. coz there r so many (SO MANY) students here!

18 HOSTELS !! 15 boys' and 3 girls'

most girls look the same. same kind of spectacles and everyone in suit (few exceptions but still no better!)

Feel proud people, an IITian has spent so much time in writing this for u to see.

bye for now

Saturday, July 02, 2005



My flying kisses to all of you !

coz          I       A M       B A C K !!!!

Back to you ALL!

Its been long long time since I wrote the last post but worry not! The SAVIOUR has come! I shall now lift you from the moh-maya of this wild wild world and take u to a road less travelled, to a path not seen, to a place not imagined, to the HEAVEN ITSELF!! (Clapping in the background)

I could keep writing all that crap but unfortunately your saviour is in a cyber cafe right now and already over time, the owner is bugging me again n again to just get up and leave !! Poor chap, he doesn't know what a mistake he is making coz I SHALL MAKE HIM PAY FOR IT SOME DAY! (thundering in the background)

I sometimes feel sorry for tiny little ignorant fellows who can't imagine the magnitude of heights I shall reach. But I have sympathy for them, deep down in my heart, deeper than the kilos of dirt lying inside.

Anyways people, WORRY U NOT !!

F O R   T H E   S A V I O U R   H A S   C O M E !!!!!!!