Monday, December 13, 2004

IIT form submitted !

I submitted my IIT form today, people!

Went to IIT, to JEE office there, waited for an HOUR in the line, and finally, got the Acknowledgment Card.

Regular affair, u would say! But NO !!! It was NOT !! coz it was IIT !!

Not gettin' into my cribbings abt not getting through in '04, I shall now straight forward get into my books and bury my head in the Rotation Chapter till my head spins so fast that it starts emanating (emanating? what's that? It means EMITTING, duffer! ) ... continuing ... it starts emanating ElectroMagetic Waves and I go into a trans-like state when I won't even remember the name of my gf, and then I would someday die in the wilderness of this lonely planet that inhabits me!

Until then, keep crying (coz that's important too, u know! )
and keep breathing (even more important)

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