Monday, December 20, 2004


Hi again,

I had a VMC class today. After the class, I went to the Metro train to see the new Underground Section that had been started for the public today.

And GOSH!! It was a marvel !! Just like the underground Metros I had seen in English movies!

I tried to understand how the train turned back from Kashmiri Gate, I solved half the problem myself but had to ask the Guard there for the complete solution.

U know, the Metro this time has really tried to prevent ppl from misusing their token's time validity. I'll explain, what some ppl do is that they take a Rs.6 token (the minimum possible) and go to some other station far far away, then change their platform from there and come back to the same station within the 75 minutes time limit for token expiry.

But now in the Underground Section, there are several guards present along the walking corridors to prevent ppl from changing their platforms.

But, know what, I found a glitch !! Ya, there's a seriously stupid glitch in the whole system. At the DU station (called 'VishwaVidyalaya'), there is a lift right where u get down from the station, get on the lift and, lo and behold, it opens in the corridor which is the WAY towards the other platform !! Just walk down with the crowd and there u are !! Right at the opposite platform !! Easily ride on the train that comes ur way now and get anywhere u want !

But BEWARE : Do remember the time limit (75 minutes) !!

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