Friday, February 27, 2009

i like

i like 99 more than 100.
i like it when my hat is just about to blow away with the wind.
i like the feeling of a long-awaited bath.
i like scratching my nose.
i like acting sleepy.
i like being able to tell a mosquito just by feeling it on the skin. (UPDATE: I don't like anything to do with mosquitoes. They suck.)
i like sitting cross-legged on a chair.
i like it to face the wind with closed eyes and walk towards it.
i like it when I'm sitting in veggies and a leaf falls on my table.
i like the fireflies to fly over water bodies.
i like an empty mind.
i like pissing with my hands off.
i like most of the people I say Hi to on the street.
i like trying to listen to a song playing somewhere far off when I'm trying to sleep.
i like it when my head expands to take in a bright and fresh evening.
i like to barely miss the target of my water balloons in Holi.
i like the perfection of just the slightest imperfection.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

nothing ever happens

not a wiggle of life in a leaf
not a wagging tail on a dog
not a falling drop from the sky
not a figure in the empty fog

no one laughs
when no one's looking
no one believes
and no one's coming

no one's living
yet no one's dead
the sky is just blue
patches on red

air's laden with
the moisture of sorrows
none lend a smile
and no one borrows

no water moves
and no fishes swim
the faces look empty
but eyes filled to brim

and nothing ever happens
nothing ever moves


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Golden Bird

clap me up and
clap me high
clap your heart
out, satisfy

keep me afloat
and proud and flying
and keep me up, keep
chanting in rhyme

we won. we did.
we beat imagination.
hold me mid air,
in this cloud of elation

hold my ego and the
glint in my eye
and thunder till i
cry me dry