Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Explanatory note : Whenever I write in CAPITALS, it means that I AM SHOUTING !!!! So read everything with expressions.

Starts now ...

Have u ever chatted on the net? (PS - not with someone u already know, but in public chat rooms)

Dumb question. Everyone has!! And just WHY does everyone seem to like it??

I, for one, JUST DON'T!

Why, Anup Bishnoi? Why don't u like chatting?

1) Its hellishly IRRITATING

2) Its all so so SO MUCH OF BLUFF!! No one's REAL on the net! If there's someone named "cutypiegirl" or anything like that, it is DEFINITELY NOT a GIRL !!! Whatever the name suggests, its always some DAMN STUPID boy, ya BOY, who's sitting on a PC clutching his f***ing long .... , ... fine I won't use those words again, but its SO BAD of them to cover up their identities! No self respect, I mean !! In a word, WORTHLESS !!!


So its decided now, I won't chat ever again even if a Tsunami hits Delhi!

By the way, i have been feeling sorry for those who lost so much of their lives in the recent disaster, so I URGE u to pleeease contribute something for them.

bye for now, but I'm feeling frustrated.

gotta study now.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R ! !

H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R everyone !!!

So the NEW YEAR is here !!

And so am I!

So how did u spend it !! know there's no need of that excla1mation mark coz ofcourse u just sat at home, probably even studied (YAKK!!), just kept looking at the stupid TV and waited for the DAMN clock to fast turn 12 so u could go to sleep!!

That's how "unimaginative duds" let their yrs pass by. But hey! ASK MEEE !! And I won't tell u what all happened. coz its PRIVATE, u know !! And a public webpage is not the best place to discuss private things. So MAIL me, DUFFER !!

Anyways, I've got a lotta things to do this year.

Just keep watching this space and I'll spring out some interesting surprises 4u!