Monday, November 16, 2009

Hit me

i don't sleep but lie down forever
in my death and unmoving pools of red
what difference does it make tell me
to sleep or die or live-on on bread

nothing to me are you or whoever
when nothing to me am i myself i said
i don't remember and i don't remember
and i don't ever get down from my bed

i need you to come for me alone
and kiss me in that sleep i dread
make me flush and blush o' tender
make beat faster my heart of lead

i know there is life outside and away
out of this dark and haunted shed
out of this bubble of infinity, my trap
right outside, just the width of a thread

i have no dreams to wake up from
and awake a dream i never have had
give me a dream or give me a will
give me curiosity, iron-clad

get to me and pour into my brain
make me dizzy and wake me from dead
i'm all empty, come fill me inside
get me high, give a kick to my head

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