Monday, November 16, 2009

Blew Me Away

I fear won't come again
that moment when, damn,
your face was brighter
than the light of that lamp

Telling me grown up
stuff and poetry
And desires and love
and rosy, forlorn history

I haven't had
many moments like that
with strong women
and faces that match

And that tilt of head
when hair don't part
and eyes egging me on
to figure out my heart

I had to jump a level
to match that demand
of truth, of force, of poetry, and character
I erred long enough, and soon hit the bottom

of my psyche, of my true desires
and told you so and you agreed
I felt so pure and you were an angel
Satisfied felt I in thoughts and deed

You're a force
in your most basic form
A big lump
of packed storm

I won't forget
that lit up face
the flushed features
of your lit up face

I won't forget
that mass of hair
sliding down in black
against a lady fair

And i won't forget
that feeling of daze and sway
that lifted and flew me
and blew me away

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