Monday, November 16, 2009

Get up and do something

Lose. Lose it.
Go out and kick a ball.
Write a poem.
Stick an illegal poster.
Pee on a wall.
Call the police and make retarded jokes.
Kill an ant.
Spray water in your room.
Jump from the first floor.
Ride a bike and swoon.
Howl at the moon like a wolf.
Break a cold-drink bottle.
Cross the road.
Spit water towards someone in the distance.
Play with a stick.
Poke someone. For real.
Make a bad joke.
Shut down.
Stop walking. close eyes, turn, and start walking.
Throw randomly selected keys away.
Fart. Be an ass.
Empty a bottle.
Wear the wrong clothes, inside out.
Dance like the music.
Climb a tree and scratch your name on it.
Hug a friend.
Drink some more water.
Calculate the risk of a very bad thing to do.
Judge someone and tell the result.
Move your ass.
Get up and do something.

1 comment:

  1. Go out in the snow. In shorts.
    Prove a new theorem.
    Stop a random guy on the road and ask if he's pregnant.
    Have sex. Not with the random guy.