Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This semester

This semester, I floated.
I dived and I gulped and burst and became a balloon and grew.
I understood. I danced.
I fought with an old friend and became one all over again.
I found a new one.
I walked on stage. I walked in glory.
I won. More than mere competitions.
I clapped and shouted.
I stood with my people in anger.
I realised. I was proud.
I walked in windy nights when trees screeched and turned.
I disintegrated with laughter.
I was in peace.
I made a presentation.
I impressed. I worked.
I was unsuccessful. I was happy.
I was funny. I was loved.
I was disgusted in people. I told them so.
I was transparent.
I was busy. And lucky.
I met people. I was impressed.
I acted. I made a movie.
I let things be.
I slept filled with music.
I saw a little boy who drove a motor cart.
I saw his shirt fighting with air while he sped.
I saw crabs. I saw a running shining swarm of big red scared crabs.
I fed a friend with my hands.
I sat on a chair in beach water and read.
I walked in the corridor a whole night in anxiety.
I saw beautiful girls I don't remember faces of anymore.
I saw a girl dance like she meant it.
I saw someone's tears washing away a whole mountain in me.
I saw eyes glazed with admiration. With surprise.
I was confused about the future.
I was happy with how it looked.
I ran. I jumped in water puddles.
I made a radio show in a night.
I was jobless. I was full.
I was jolly.

This semester.
I was so much.

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  1. Ok this one i read long back, but didnt comment on, and its awesome :)