Friday, May 01, 2009


Like a pink alien in springtime, I wander around all fuzzy and pink. A blue elephant in a fat flying bottle just missed me barely, from somewhere far away where he sits and reminisces, while his tired autopilot screeches and steers the bottle through a dizzy lane that bends and burns and bores like hell.

I seem to have recovered well from the unfortunate Dentrite Entanglement Accident last month, or last week, or however much it is to you from where you sit. So yeah, like a pink alien, which I am by the way, I keep sniffing about the road, hit a few Coke cans with my will (which is working fine now thanks for asking), and settle for an icecream.

The icecream was gay, not that I find anything wrong with it. But a gay icecream doesn't respond very well to the licks. Too well, actually. And they're really hard to swallow. As in, all pepped up for it. Gross. So I don't really see a point, really, you know what I mean? Too bloody small I say! Why can't they make 'em bigger and everybody will be able to see one and presumably lead happier lives.

Like you know, when the Battery died, no one really gave a shit. No you didn't I know, no one did. But I knew, I knew that someday we were all going to die because of that. But how clever, oh so very bloody clever of them to have named a day of the week on it. SomeDay just came and went. Nobody died. Nobody gave a shit, and then he was dead. And then nobody did anymore. I gulped the Humiliation, and then Realisation down. You are supposed to take them in order, or there may be gastric disorders. Maybe psychological too, but who cares about them after they put Happiness into every commoner's budget.

So yeah, the days of the week. And then the fetish started. SomeDay, ThatDay, TheDay, WhataDay, ShobhaaDay, ToDay, BirthDay, LauDay, YesterDay, and what not. And the commies even put in a MayDay, so they don't have to wait so long for it. Though I really fail to see the logic since all they do when it comes, is wait for the next one. You know its not normal when a month has a one-to-one correspondence with a week. Just like you know its not normal when its not normal. And hence it is not I say.

So yeah the Battery. It died. Moving on, did you notice the speeding blue elephant in a fat flying bottle approaching me from behind? I didn't. And he didn't miss me. Though he later will. But what good will that be to anyone. There is a right time for everything. Even for

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