Wednesday, April 15, 2009

21 ways to climb a tree.

  1. Try climbing it.
  2. Call Superman.
  3. Fall from a height more than that of the tree.
  4. Make sure you fall from directly above the tree.
  5. Whisper like you're saying something to it and jump when it bends to listen.
  6. Use The Force.
  7. Say it aloud like you mean it.
  8. Believe in Barack Obama. Ho sakta bhaaya.
  9. Wear pants as long as the tree and stand straight.
  10. Concentrate. There is no Tree.
  11. Take a lift.
  12. Look at a snake on the ground, get startled, jump with fear, hang from a branch shaking.
  13. Stare the tree down. Then climb.
  14. Bribe it.
  15. Threaten to piss on it.
  16. Disguise like a monkey so it would let you.
  17. Hit the iron when it's hot.
  18. Grow smaller trees near it and climb them in order of height.
  19. List out 21 ways to climb a tree.
  20. Cheater, you never got here!
  21. Oh damn, Loop Counter!

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