Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Words. Appearances.
Polished thoughts on paper. on faces.
Stories with happy endings. Think up a presentable context, and hold it on your face.

Words written as if meant to be read.
Unlike a burst-out, a word vomit.
Muscles in control, like a pen.
Aforethought shapes.
On paper and faces.
A necessary evil? Or the path of least resistance?

Control. On the exterior, the output.
What does 'being normal' really mean?
'Act normal'? Or 'BE normal'?
And what's normal? Who decides?
Does collective thinking work?
Or is it just an appendix?

Guess I know. Can I be sure?
How 'bout you?


  1. no its not supposed to be random text buddy but dunno how well the text conveys the thought. anyway, it was prolly just meant to be written, not read :P

  2. yeh tera hitherto hidden pensieve tha na?
    yo anup! with such an abstruse mind u can stun the corpse outta hell!

  3. ok ...maine 3 baar padhne ki koshish ki .. kuch palle nahi pada ... ab 4th baar mujhe kuch acha samajh me aaya kyun ki wo 3rd parah me tha .. pehle 3 baar mai 1st 2 parah me hi tun .. waise vinayak ka comment sahi describe kar raha hai HUH !!!!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. @som:
    the hitherto hidden pensieve is still largely hidden, the iceberg's still beneath the water :P

    maybe i'll have to turn to corpses if humans keep behaving like they do...

    life is too simple, lets make it complex ;)

  6. This is a normal comment. Or maybe this is a comment that'll normally be called abnormal.


  7. @dumbledore ..... there r 2 ways to expressing a real COMPLEX view .. one can make it more complex by expressing it in a way ur majesty has done ... or one can try easing the complexity in it .
    but as u might think " Eh ! following the latter wouldnt make mine a masterpiece .." but its the simplicity of complex things we all adore .. not the complexity of simple things :D
    kk .... now when i read it for a 5th time !! ... i have finally paid justice to the topic touched by your majesty ... its really a beautiful thought which ll help making the NORMALITY more confusing due to the PLAIN text in which it is written ..
    AHEM !!

  8. @sunny:
    wow u just solved the mystery! :P

    thank you for the compliment atlast ;D

  9. ahem! sarcasm all along as 'at last'!

  10. chal ek tarif after all! u hav succeeded once again in creating chaos of opinions by letting ur mind out!

  11. aah hw i love it :)
    chaossss :)

  12. hahahhaha ... nah ... its the other way around probably ....

    CHAOS luvvs u .. ALBUS ! :P