Saturday, December 29, 2007

merry christmas world! u get a firefox extension from me! ho ho ho!

i m santa
and here's ur christmas gift
a brand new caaar! firefox extension!
now browse through google search results right there on the search page itself!
click to download
after downloading, drag the extension (xpi) file into firefox and click Install. then restart firefox and go to
search for something. now every search result has a link Open Inline alongside it.
Click on Open Inline. the page that that search result refers to, will open right there! and browse inside that newly opened page, click links, wander around, do whatever.
when done, close the inline page by clicking Close Inline
or open another search result's page simultaneously!
open close open close open open close open close close blah blah
congratulations, u've browsed through all the information you wanted, from varied sources, all from the same old search page! o blimey!

click to download the extension. Or Right Click here and select Save Link as...

there's even a Greasemonkey script goodie!
simply click here to install the greasemonkey script that does basically the same.

merry christmas!
ho ho ho!

ps - the santa cap's not for sale. period.

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