Monday, February 06, 2006

When did I lose it?

ON THE ROAD AGAIN: Life is lonely:
"Where are your wings
when you want to fly
when did you last smell
the smell of the rain
and lie on the grass"

Yeah I really had forgotten that! It has been really long since last I enjoyed rain with my face stretched upwards! Where have I been! I really don't remember anything!

When did I lose that? And why don't I try to go back to the other side?

Yes, one reason comes to mind. This can be it. That one year probably. I lost that one year and I forgot all the previous ones too. The year I prepared for IIT JEE. I seriously feel sometimes that I shouldn't have done that. To sit at home for one year for that one stupid exam. My life lost so many dimensions.

You know, I was energetic. I had energy back then. I could do anything if I wanted to. And I am a waste now.

I am losing words now. I should stop.


  1. Don't think that way be
    This place will definitely add
    many more dimensions to ur life

  2. working towards it.

    fingers crossed :)

  3. Kgp has more to offer than u might think...believe me!

  4. u r not alone mate...i hope v ll discover some goal soon.phase will pass.will hav vigour again

  5. @DewDrop
    ya i m slowly discovering kgp and things really are looking up gradually. i m actually finding out things to do in the yrs that i m here. And Schols Ave tops the list :p

    yo nix!! lets head for the stars together!

  6. The most common thing i do is that I agree with this case isnt different.But I still hope Kgp has atleast something for you.

  7. thnx ritesh!

    u remember our JEE day right?

    hw we walked back from center?

    i didnt tell u but i loved talking to u that day man.

  8. boy this wasnt a thing 2 the same feel was here too...

    infact our joyous curosity after the JEE ended up took us into this IIT.
    I felt as if my paper went better after we got out as we had nothing more to worry....
    sahi mein yaar...bilkul koi darr hi nahi tha jaise