Tuesday, February 14, 2006

On this auspicious occasion of Valentine's Day today, I have decided to bathe. Wish me luck.

By the way, when the world is celebrating the sacred bond between two hearts, I came across this 'Anti-Valentine's Day' SMS that says :

"Never srch ur
hapines in othrs
which will make u
feel alone,srch it
in Urslf, U'll feel
hppy evn when U
r left alone- 1st
day sms. Proud
to b single!"



  1. single or not...the important thing is to be happy [:)]
    Happy belated Valentine's day!

  2. thankew!!
    Happy belated Valentine's Day to you too!

    btw, agreed to ur point completely.

  3. love thy self.
    make no bones,
    v day or no day,
    love thy self.

    or may b bells will ring,
    world will b painted red,
    till then
    love thy self

  4. Proud to be single huh. Then who was it I saw wandering around the HOT chicks of SF era? Theek hai dost, trust me, Love Actually is Everywhere. Just smell it, like you did the grass

  5. NO MILORD NO!! that is an unfounded accusation of abhorable proportions to stain the spotless character of an innocent soul such as me!

    btw, i slept through most of sf. bird-watching's not for me. the smell of love is too sacred to be smelled in the 'prejudiced' dust of sf arena. i have to have my grass around for that!