Monday, February 27, 2006



the world is void right now. all of it. its all a blur. no not a blur .. its less than a blur. its blank. a zero. invisible. can't see behind the fog. the invisible fog. i know i get lost sometimes. but this is rare. blurs are fine. absolute zeros are scary.

voids are recursive. you concentrate on it, it grows larger. it engulfes the brain. it sucks the brain from inside. yes so that's where it actually is. its only inside the brain, not everywhere around.

it happens when you try to look inside. and there's nothing inside. there's a void. and you are surrounded. there is no way out now. all around you there's this plane transparent infinity.

you think about the reason. you think harder. you know who created this void in you. you know who's space it is that you have filled yourself upto brim with. but she's not there. she doesn't want this space inside you. she has left. that's why the void.

the void.


  1. tagged........
    mera blog padh le rules ke liye

  2. drunk?!

    just drunk?!

    such underestimation of my extra-terrestrial emotional outpouring!!

    my feeling have been lynched.