Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Love at first night

Who have I got
to sit and talk shit?
None worth a shot
but I'll find my fit.

What have I got
to make me smug so?
Eyes and food and thought
and work to lug for.

When have I got
what I wanted square and straight?
Never but even for naught
it'll have been a good debate.

Where have I got
my ace hidden away?
Same as my golden pot,
I call it Near Future, pray.

Why have I got
my scars framed on the wall?
It's a map of my mind,
my kingdom of rise and fall.

Stop with the questions already
Let's just get climbing and scratching.
I'll be heady, you keep me steady
and let's get grinding and hatching.


  1. nice mirror of your thoughts, especially the last stanza :D and the last line :D

  2. yeah, the subtlety :P