Saturday, February 09, 2013

Animals at it

British, bow-tied
birds do it,
bees do it.
Even educated
fleas do it.

Soft and suave
snakes do it,
shrimps do it.
Proper party-going
chimps do it.

cats do it,
crocs do it.
Rich, reputable
frogs do it.

Gloriously gentle
swans do it,
hen do it.
And then the shrieking, cursing
men do it.


  1. Lol, it's so good you still write and care to post here on the old portal. :)

  2. ohohohhohohoh.... i totally see third-level thinking here. This means too many things.

  3. I was expecting it will end in "Lets fall in love" :P Isnt that the song or am I missing the punch here.

  4. oh yes it is but i'm too dirty to end with that :D

  5. :)

    Just reminded me of a Classic Documentary I saw as a kid titled Animals are Beautiful People.
    Watch it, if you can.

    keep it going;)