Saturday, September 19, 2009

(Part 1/5) The Best Days Of My Afterlife

Dated: The Day I Died

I think I'm still in transition, since I'm receiving email as well as all my porn feeds. But the amount of spam is increasing beyond belief, I guess more people want to enlarge stuff before landing in heaven for an eternity, and then again money isn't really such a dear thing anymore.

Though a few restrictions are already in place on us (yeah I've got friends moving with me here - a chronically sighing elephant, a depressingly maniacal bee, and a rather excited printer). Restrictions like, you can't say Hell, you'll have to replace it with Hall whenever you mean it. Though you can still type it, without getting slapped by the fat pink lady and getting muted for half an hour. Muted for real, mind you, like no voice comes out and shit. But its really not fair, since the printer's not getting slapped.

The fat pink lady (She is pink, mind you, not her dress) just announced that she thinks we're gonna land in another few moments of Time (she thinks), that she thinks will pass soon. If you ask me, I think we're already there and she's just fooling with us. Just hasn't got her fill of the slaps I suspect. She mentioned something like orientation or some programme and bullshit that's going to start once we get there. God will apparently come and lecture us newbie deads. And then there'll be a compulsory Art of Living workshop to attend, though I wonder what's the point of that now anyway. Traditions are just hard to break I guess.

Here comes she charging in from the door of light. You won't believe what she's got tattooed on the palms of her hands; "Talk to me." on the left one, and "Here I come!" on the right one. Very ironic, I would say. I think somebody said Hell or some shit, and is going to get a good long indifferent slapping now. What, why's she turning to me? Hell, why's she accelerating! What did I say I'm just typing away in peace, o' hel- (slap)

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  1. Haha! The fat pink lady is hilarious! Can't wait for part 2. :)

  2. BISH = Brilliance + Imagination + Style + Humor


  3. Anonymous3:08 AM

    There is life after death and that gets decided here on earth. If you find forgiveness for your sins, then you will go to heaven, otherwise to the 'other' place. And only one person can give you forgiveness - someone who has not sinned. Do you know such a person? I do. His name is Jesus Christ. He did not sin and instead died on the cross for your sins and mine. I know what you write is just for laughs...but behind all this lies the serious question of life after death. NOW - TODAY is the time to make that decision - whether you will go to heaven or hell. Choose life. Choose Jesus. Go to: