Saturday, August 08, 2009

You're Free

noir na diva, na meera tila tilas
aamera tila tilasa, viranya tej palas
nadira lavo na nodira, la meera dina-dina
na nadir-manya nohita-sama, na roona tila tilas

The above lines mean you're free. In so many words, they make you believe in your free will. And the context for the said freedom is whatever you want it to be. It doesn't matter where, or when; just know, you're free.

Till the dawn and then till the dusk. Till the farthest world and then till farther still. Till the end of time, and then from start to the end again. This holds. You're free.

For the smallest moment between two others, for the silence in the background that existed forever, for the time that you thought she was yours, for the duration of the fall of earth into the sun. You're free.

When you decided to kill yourself, when you let yourself be led, when you walked as if in sleep, when you were able but not willing. You were, as much as you are now, and as much as you will ever be, free.

Love it or hate it. You did it.


  1. Wow! Freedom is very beautiful indeed. Although we take it for granted most of the time, your post makes me stop and bask in the glory of the freedom that I have.
    I would like to add that freedom exists most importantly in the mind. Nobody can enslave our mind and we should enjoy this freedom more often.
    Keep writing.

    P.S: What language is that initial verse in?

  2. Anonymous1:41 AM

    nice lines. though i still feel free in some ways and tethered in several.
    neat work. blog on.