Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dilli Wali: Day 123

"I don't like my parents. They love me too much. It's not healthy. They should treat me badly, they should throw me out of the house."
"They did."
"No, they didn't. Fuck you man I told you I LEFT. Go away, retard."
"Yeah. You had to leave home because they found your cigarette and you wanted to spare them the horror of living with a smoker. It rings true somewhere deep within me, you know it does."
"And yet, truth stays. 1. They were being too irritating. 2. You're right, I didn't want to inflict myself on them."

He knew it was true.

"They're so good, you know, and I don't deserve it. I mean I'm awesome, I give myself that, but I'm insane. I'm a freak rhino."
"That's insanely awesome."
"If only it meant something."
"It does. You're a rhino."


  1. Okay.
    I relate. For some reason.

  2. Also, it will be funny if the guy actually is a rhino. As in, this is a conversation between two real rhinos.

  3. Bishnoi, applause and kicks in the behind for you. Might as well add a 'disclaimer' for safety.