Monday, December 06, 2010

Boredom is necessary, and Necessity mostly bored.

Necessity is the mother of Invention, Boredom its father.

In Boredom, numerous potential ideas swarm about lazily, day in and night out. Most of them either laid waste by a lack of clear direction, or contained by the rubber walls of constraint, thus providing only intellectual and largely inconsequential euphoria.

But some day, one of them hits the sweet spot, fits the right keyhole. And a living idea is conceived. The idea grows and incubates in the laborious, nurturing environment of Necessity. Growing limbs and nerves it will need once it's out in the open. Gathering uniqueness, strength, and mass enough to fill the Necessity.

And once out, the two parents look on in pride at their Invention. The result of all the months of hard work, ready to find its place in the Market. The harsh, unforgiving Market.

While as before, Boredom will keep splashing new ideas at the drop of a nightie, in hopes of recreation. But at the end of the evening, it is only Necessity that determines what finally turns into an Invention.


  1. necessity is but the bearer and not the creator. Ultimately does it all not boil down to a perchance stumble or an unintentional collision?

  2. Exactly. And what better practitioner of perchance and unintentional collision than Boredom.
    As the bearer, the mother, Necessity, awaits a successful hit, a bingo.

  3. metaphors and the high talk hidden craftily, hmmmm