Monday, March 22, 2010

India TV the awesome

India TV is like those mirrors in amusement parks that make you look funny no matter how repressed or melancholic you may be in real life. India TV is the Himesh Reshamiya of news reporting, the Kanti Shah of film making. India TV is the voice and face of that progressive strata of the public that has the taste, time and need for "fun" over and above the regular trinity of food, shelter and clothing. India TV, incredibly, is both niche and populist. Let me explain how:

You see, the lower economic class watches India TV with interest and possibly restrained belief. The middle class watches it with incredulity, and occasional bouts of laughter. The upper middle class will talk about it with animated hatred and yet stop for a few half-a-lip smiles during channel surfing. And in fact might even use it as a patience test. And finally, the relevant portions of the higher economic class keep a tab on it to understand the genius behind the whole idea of it, and in turn understand its vast audience as a potential customer base.

It is my belief that everything genuinely good basically derives from undiluted honesty. And India TV has to be, deep inside, an honest idea to achieve such a layered appeal. It is funny, without trying to be funny. It is incredulous, all the more so because it seems to not know of the same. It is, basically, for everyone interested, a powerful object of interest. I think that says it all.

(written for a journalism course application)


  1. During the midsems last semester, when we got ulti-frusst with trying to mug, we went to the common room at 3 AM and started watching India TV (the news being - "Kya Osama banenge Pakistan ke agle pradhan mantri" :D ), and a stress buster it was! It prompted a discussion very similar to what has been discussed here. And I remember a similar sentence popping up during our conversation - "You see, the lower economic class watches India TV with interest and possibly restrained belief."

    It was at this instant that our hall's (RK) nescafe chap came into the common room, and when he discovered that we were watching India TV, he blurted out - "DADA! INDIA TV KYON DEKHTE HO! EKDUM BAKVAAS CHANNEL HAI. NDTV DEKH LO ISSE ACHCHA!"

  2. :D :D
    i particularly like the mention of ndtv :)
    have a look at if you haven't already
    some classics there