Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Unfulfilled and not

Been so long
So long
Just won't do
How would it
Would you wait as long
as I
and not be over still

You were love
my love
for as long
as you hid
in my heart alone
Good bye
now that you've gone uphill

Only so much
just so much
Could I wait
and I did
Now I'm out of songs
and time
and faith and love and will

And I'm off now
Off now
to my own
life replete
with problems of my own
and die
Than with your peaceful pill

I want to live
to live
I want to go
back and fit
I need a wind strong
and I
hope you understand
though i know you will


O' my sweet
My sweet
My eyes strain
in the heat
I don't see what's wrong
I sigh
and lie down heavy and still

I hear you
Hear you
in my head
Calling me sweet
Singing my name my song
I fly
with hope and joyful fill

My parched eyes
my eyes
Are much too
burnt to wet
Much too closed to open
And dry
and wry and screaming shrill

I was gone
was gone
Life was cruel
And I bet
you too it was on
Then why
should yet so crushed I feel

You were right
Are right
to go away
and just let
me deal with my own
Good bye
At least, your dreams shall fulfill

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