Monday, July 13, 2009

ladai ladai maaf karo, dash dash dash dash dash

("dash" is used as the proverbial beep here, this being a kid channel and all)

Vinayak Pathak, as we all know by now, is totally famous on the internet, totally. Why, he is such a meme! Nevermind the feminine sound of that word.

Now this very honorable subject of our little discourse here has recently been tainted by this man here. This... man, for the lack of a better word, is known to be a ghastly dastly manipulative schemer. A schemer of no better conscience than, say, an evil paper boat. Censuring any elaboration of that inappropriately explicit analogy in public interest, we tell you, in the next few scrolls, the complete truth about the dash son dash dash bitch that is, dash dash dash dash Dash.

1. has an extra ball in the bag [citation needed]
2. is really proud of his humility [1]
3. loves a mouthful of Truth [one day you shall know, one day]
4. has been known to approach men from behind, if you know what I mean, and push them off the cliff, with the final words, "Boo." [true story]
5. has evolved an extra helping hand [just trust me ok]

[1] - Dash: "I'm really proud of my humility."

As were to be the unfortunate events to unfold, our simultaneously cute and sexy protagonist, V, approached, platonically ofcourse, the Greatly Sleazy One, dash Dash, and asked for some utterly innocent, absolutely natural, lifestyle advice regarding the future prospects of, well, so to say, getting a girl. And what followed then is a total and naked display of shameless evil stripping away the last of the camaraderie, the sacred brotherly bond of the user and the used between a senior and a junior, respectively, from the face and chest of the earth. A scheming plot to bring down the chances, the prospects, and the sex appeal, of the Cutest One, that one with the nose proud and long, and the One with the Question Mark burnt on his forehead.

Hence it is that we, in all the sacred spirit of justice, try to bring out the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, about this victimized angel of manhood.

He, the symbol of male endeavor,:
1. is gentle.
2. is a symmetric kind of a person.
3. can just turn away and run, when optimal.
4. will make a good computer one day. Or a good barber.
5. does have that extra hand on the shoulder. It automatically waves Hi to people on the road. Pretty nifty.

So guys... just keep away ok. And girls, listen up. You have been missing out, really. And you should totally go out with this guy. Trust me.


  1. This is perfect. Bish and Pathak have now fallen into my evil trap. All along, my intention was to somehow ensure that Bish actually endorsed Pathak as a potential babe-magnet, and by doing so completely and utterly ruin any miniscule chances Pathak ever had of becoming the same.

    hee hee heee (rubs hands together and cackles with laughter)

  2. now i see why he wasn't letting me publish it

    really sorry man

    thats life