Friday, February 27, 2009

i like

i like 99 more than 100.
i like it when my hat is just about to blow away with the wind.
i like the feeling of a long-awaited bath.
i like scratching my nose.
i like acting sleepy.
i like being able to tell a mosquito just by feeling it on the skin. (UPDATE: I don't like anything to do with mosquitoes. They suck.)
i like sitting cross-legged on a chair.
i like it to face the wind with closed eyes and walk towards it.
i like it when I'm sitting in veggies and a leaf falls on my table.
i like the fireflies to fly over water bodies.
i like an empty mind.
i like pissing with my hands off.
i like most of the people I say Hi to on the street.
i like trying to listen to a song playing somewhere far off when I'm trying to sleep.
i like it when my head expands to take in a bright and fresh evening.
i like to barely miss the target of my water balloons in Holi.
i like the perfection of just the slightest imperfection.