Friday, November 07, 2008

But I do love him, I'm sure

But I do love him, I'm sure
Though there are things I hate
like integrity, maybe
Oh that's too big a word

Yes love it must be I guess
just not so divine and great
like in story books, nah
its just the real world

But why then did I walk
with you that night so late
and felt in chilling abandon
that I was flying like a bird

You became my freedom that night
from the boundaries of love and hate
And talked, us two, in the clutch of a hug
without a spoken word

My heart was pure emotion,
yours beat with a force too great
The wind that flew wasn't real
it wasn't the real world

I knew I'd have to make
a choice that was already late
between a secure city girl
or the harsh sky life of a bird

And choose him I did over your
rare perfect moment's lure
My love may not be as pure
But I do love him, I'm sure