Friday, August 15, 2008

Getting by, getting high
living by living high
away in the lights
killing lonelier nights
trotting one step a time
walking without rhyme
for a reason is no more
for i hit a closed door
and i breathe in its fresh paint
and die every breath i take
so there's this friend that i trust
who gets my sanity go bust
so i can laugh out loud again
in the oblivion of insane
when the people leave the way
fearing whatever i may
do or to them say
like i'm really not ok
while i balance and stumble
and incoherently mumble
while explosions in my head
smear its insides red
i am stuck i am stuck
i am stuck deep in this muck
why, i just ran out of luck
no, maybe just made it all up
wait, i might just have been lying
no way, i'm really dying
right, dying for no one's smile
and dying under a pile
of self-made stupid dreams
that, rightly, now it seems
are so long starved and dead
for they were only in my head
and my own head, this
rotten bas..tard, is
killing itself now pushing the blame
to those who never did claim
that there was ever a point at all
that there was ever a dent on the wall
and shrugged and walked away
and left no more to say