Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Aura Of The Rain

Rain ! O' rain !
Come ! o' rain!
The fields await,
give us the grain.

The farmers are thirsty
Their fields are dry
Wetten their eyes,
when they stare to the sky.

Cloud ! O' Black Cloud !
Thunder ! O' Black Cloud !
Send us drops of life
Bestow upon the crowd.

The clouds came above their heads
They raised their arms to pray
Emotions awaited, the feel of the wet!
And the clouds just flew away.

They shouted, they screamed
They were torn through the heart
The closed eyes, the felling tears!
The souls and the bodies fell apart.

They cursed and cursed
the spotless sky,
The blinding bright,
the dropless dry.

And one day again, the eyes were open
One day, there was a cloud again
This time again, the arms were raised
Waited in silence, the crowd again

And one drop fell,
and wetted an eye!
And drops and drops,
then fell from the sky

It was water! It was water!
It was falling on the ground!
It was raining! It was loud
So exciting was the sound

The clouds gathered and
it was big and strong.
Then thundered the sky,
and the farmers sang along

It rained and rained
and rained that night
It rained all days
and rained all nights

There was water everywhere
There was water too much!
The fields were sinking and
the ground too, was such.

It had stoppeth not
since the first drop fell.
The heavenly sky,
had again turned hell.

Their soil, their toil,
was dissolved in the flood
The fields were destroyed
which they sowed with their blood.

The crowd again,
looked above, up there
It looked all black
And it did not care.

The monstrous sky
stood high and tall
It's small, round arrows
were piercing them all.

They cursed and cursed
the clouds and the rain.
The blackish demons,
and the watery bane।


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