Saturday, August 13, 2005

utter disgust expressed in words ...

hi people,

i m drained of all thoughts now after writing a long mail to a friend. so don't know what to write to you that wud make ur head swirl in agitation, ur nose bleed with anger, ur legs swell with irritation, ur eyes bulge with harassment, ur tongue roll in repulsiveness. in short, how to write in such a way that everybody but me just HATES to read it!

so tell me what u don't like to read, something that would satisfy the above criterians of extreme hate from me to you.

Hate is the phenomena of loathing every bit, every inch and every ounce of someone down to the very last tissue of his worthless body. And that's how u look like to me. don't be surprised but i would kindly lke to suggest to you that u have NO IDEA how MUCH i would love to tear u down till the last living cell of ur physical existence and i would put that tissue at 1400 degree celsius for three weeks, take it out and strangle it with one of my hair and flush the dead cell down the toilet. Believe me or not, that's how u'll die one day!

Talking of death, what an absolutely wonderful phenomena it is! how very exciting when u know ur time's up! imagine that u know ur death date in few days advance, what would u do in those few days that would make ur life worth itself. Imagine what mistakes u would try to correct in those last remaining days after which there's no way back. Imagine what u would say to ur friends! Try to think of whether u would tell anyone that u know when u'r gonna die!! Would u cry day n night or would u fake a smile? think about this and u'll realise the magnitude of difference between life n death.

some people tell me i should start counselling people or start giving spiritual lessons. i don't reply them coz at that very instant a sudden forceful urge rises in me to hit that person's head on a TT table and keep beating his vast behind with the bat while tying the net around his neck. so if u were thinking of saying this to me, then please do so soon such that i may realize my urge.

thanking you,
yours alone,

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

the hollow space (in my heart as well as pocket)

There were times people, when I urged for writing anything and everything out of my mind for the world to read and acknowledge. But alas! Good times don't last too long. I, today, am at a loss of words for the loss that's groing within me. Since last few days, i've been feeling a void inside my heart and i'm just so unable to stop it growing. i've been feeling exhausted lately for short moments of time, generally between 10 and 11 o'clock at night. wonder whether it has anything to do with my disconnectin from friends that has happened since i came to kharagpur? or whether the disconnection from that one single friend that weighs (not in body weight but emotions, stupid!!) more than all others put together.

say me some soothing words so that my mind would distract into cursing u from head to toe for imagining me like some old drunken Devdas who's come to calcutta (what coincidence!) far away from his paro without even meeting her for the last time (coincidence again!). In case u don't understand the "coincidence" in the above sentence, then either kindly get ur brain tested for side-effects due to extreme harrassement and tortures, OR, keep yelling at me out of ur filthy drain-pipe mouths!

fine you mudbloods, i leave u here at the mercy of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and run off to Hogwarts and save my own neck. By the way, i'm reading Harry Potter 6 right now, bought it for 760/-, my pockets are screaming their pits off coz i robbed them of all the muggle money i had. Tell me if any of u is reading it too, so that i would bomb u with questions and questions about potter to check if u are lying, and ur head would spin like a sneakoscope whizzing around in all the house and finally come to rest on the upper part of the roof-fan after bursting with irritation at me and my worthless, meaningless, boundless, brainless talk. humph!

bye and may god bless you!

until next time!