Tuesday, November 29, 2005

the point of blogging

i hadnt blogged in a long long time. why? coz i had lost all belief in the whole point of blogging. All this blogging business spread all around this vast electronic expanse of 0 and 1, is basically just about expressing. expressing how u feel at any particular instant or expressing what u WANT others to believe how u feel. But what if i just dont have the words to explain how i feel! Why do all this self introspection just for the sake of someone else reading it!
so i did not blog. for days and months (wat a loss to humanity! :P)

But today i blog. today i felt i got something to blog. i saw some blogs of kgp ppl. really nice and really interesting how the community commenting affair works. so i felt like i could do with some writing today.

now just one wish to ask from god : SOMEONE COME AND READ IT !!!


  1. Well... wish granted i guess [:P]

    Btw... we have the same profile pic!

  2. 100 heartful thanks for the comment! [sob] good to know someone read it ;)

    btw... i really like this pic. can we both have it?

  3. jeez, don't worry about your blog. publicize it wherever you want. I got to read it only because it was on the history of some comp on taksi. That was because you saw it.

    try the following:
    +add your blog address in your email siggy
    +go to many forums and publicize it
    +comment on other's blogs and write your blog at the end

    prototype angel


  4. thanks ani, but my worry isnt about publicizing but writing. its tough yaar!

    neways, saw ur blog. HARDWORK, man!! great going.