Saturday, July 02, 2005



My flying kisses to all of you !

coz          I       A M       B A C K !!!!

Back to you ALL!

Its been long long time since I wrote the last post but worry not! The SAVIOUR has come! I shall now lift you from the moh-maya of this wild wild world and take u to a road less travelled, to a path not seen, to a place not imagined, to the HEAVEN ITSELF!! (Clapping in the background)

I could keep writing all that crap but unfortunately your saviour is in a cyber cafe right now and already over time, the owner is bugging me again n again to just get up and leave !! Poor chap, he doesn't know what a mistake he is making coz I SHALL MAKE HIM PAY FOR IT SOME DAY! (thundering in the background)

I sometimes feel sorry for tiny little ignorant fellows who can't imagine the magnitude of heights I shall reach. But I have sympathy for them, deep down in my heart, deeper than the kilos of dirt lying inside.

Anyways people, WORRY U NOT !!

F O R   T H E   S A V I O U R   H A S   C O M E !!!!!!!

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