Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This semester

This semester, I floated.
I dived and I gulped and burst and became a balloon and grew.
I understood. I danced.
I fought with an old friend and became one all over again.
I found a new one.
I walked on stage. I walked in glory.
I won. More than mere competitions.
I clapped and shouted.
I stood with my people in anger.
I realised. I was proud.
I walked in windy nights when trees screeched and turned.
I disintegrated with laughter.
I was in peace.
I made a presentation.
I impressed. I worked.
I was unsuccessful. I was happy.
I was funny. I was loved.
I was disgusted in people. I told them so.
I was transparent.
I was busy. And lucky.
I met people. I was impressed.
I acted. I made a movie.
I let things be.
I slept filled with music.
I saw a little boy who drove a motor cart.
I saw his shirt fighting with air while he sped.
I saw crabs. I saw a running shining swarm of big red scared crabs.
I fed a friend with my hands.
I sat on a chair in beach water and read.
I walked in the corridor a whole night in anxiety.
I saw beautiful girls I don't remember faces of anymore.
I saw a girl dance like she meant it.
I saw someone's tears washing away a whole mountain in me.
I saw eyes glazed with admiration. With surprise.
I was confused about the future.
I was happy with how it looked.
I ran. I jumped in water puddles.
I made a radio show in a night.
I was jobless. I was full.
I was jolly.

This semester.
I was so much.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quotes by Famous People

Hi. - Oscar Wilde

Hieeee - Girl

I'm Wilde, - Oscar Wilde

I'm Oscar Wilde - God

He's lying - Oscar Wilde

I'm God - Manoj

I'm Oscar Wilde - Anonymous

I'm Anonymous - Oscar Wilde

I'm recursive - This Statement

Hieeee - Girl

Make love, not war - Anonymous

Ok I'm NOT Anonymous - Oscar Wilde

He's lying - Anonymous

He's not - Anonymous

Cheater! You can't quote as me! - Anonymous

Ofcourse I can, you're Anonymous. - Oscar Wilde

No ofcourse you can't. I'm dumb. - Oscar Wilde

What! You can't quote as me! - Oscar Wilde

Ofcourse I can, you're Oscar Wilde! - Anonymous

Hieeee - Girl

Hallelujah! - Pope

I'm out - Oscar Wilde

He's not - out

He's not - not

Oh damn - not

Oh damn - not

Byeeee - Girl

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

21 ways to climb a tree.

  1. Try climbing it.
  2. Call Superman.
  3. Fall from a height more than that of the tree.
  4. Make sure you fall from directly above the tree.
  5. Whisper like you're saying something to it and jump when it bends to listen.
  6. Use The Force.
  7. Say it aloud like you mean it.
  8. Believe in Barack Obama. Ho sakta bhaaya.
  9. Wear pants as long as the tree and stand straight.
  10. Concentrate. There is no Tree.
  11. Take a lift.
  12. Look at a snake on the ground, get startled, jump with fear, hang from a branch shaking.
  13. Stare the tree down. Then climb.
  14. Bribe it.
  15. Threaten to piss on it.
  16. Disguise like a monkey so it would let you.
  17. Hit the iron when it's hot.
  18. Grow smaller trees near it and climb them in order of height.
  19. List out 21 ways to climb a tree.
  20. Cheater, you never got here!
  21. Oh damn, Loop Counter!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


A tomato never swears. Just doesn't. So how would you know if its angry. Ofcourse its color is only a lie.

It does something else to signify anger, it expands. Yes. Trust me. So dont eat a tomato that was small when you were looking at it from a distance, and suddenly went fat when you brought it to your mouth. Don't eat that one, its angry.

Its the same with ego sometimes, but we won't talk about them. Egos don't make sense, tomatoes do.

A tomato's best friend is a fridge. They all love a fridge. It makes them look cool, makes up amply for the angry red color.

A tomato makes love.

Balls are jealous of tomatoes. Balls don't get touched so sensually. And they're not juicy. Its important to be juicy.

A tomato has never been born that liked a shopping bag. Shopping bags are concentration camps. Tomatoes like to have their space.

All tomatoes are scared of heights. Unlike coconuts. And ofcourse, coconuts evolved to be so hard only because they had to fall from such heights. And even though a fallen coconut cannot procreate, whether hard or not, being hard can only be a help right.

Tomatoes hate a blunt knife. It makes them look messy. They dream in wet nights of a sharp sleek knife that will come one day, shine against the falling light, make a few flashes here and there just for effect, and cleanly and swiftly swim through the orgasmic tomato to come out glorious and blessed.

A tomato will have reached its destiny, and its soul will fly away, stand in a long line somewhere under the earth, waiting for a farmer to plant a seed.